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I received an email from Bill Anderson who was COB around 73 - 75 that plans are underway for a Salmon reunion in San Diego, California in October of 2007. Below is the text of his email. I'll post additional information as I have it.

Hi Larry,

Al Amaro, an officer who was on the Salmon in the mid 60's is arranging for a Salmon reunion for around the 26 thru 28 Oct. this year in San Diego. If you would, touch base with him and maybe supply him and me with all of the names and addresses of ex Salmon Sailors that you have info on it would be invaluable. I used to have a lot of that info myself from the last reunion we had in San Diego in the early 80's, but can't find them. It would be especially helpful to get in touch directly with those who live in San Diego like Gary Winkleman to help with the logistics if they are willing. Do you have any info on the troops from your era? Al Amaro served as Gun Boss and later as Engineer. his email is alamaro at succeed.net.

This all came about when it was found out that another old shipmate , Will Wright has been extremely ill for the past several months and Al visited him and touched base with several of us who have been communicating with each other and all agreed that it would be a good idea.

Bill Anderson