USS Salmon Gallery 5 - Images from Glen Hinkle

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These images are from the shellback initiation on the UNITAS run of '74 or '75. The memory fades with time. I do remember LT Bridges, though.

Me at some ruin in Panama

Christmas time at Bill Cameron's house

The guy eating ice cream I can't recall his name.........
These are of the Canal transit on the UNITAS run of '74 or '75.

These three are the aftermath of a collision between the USS Dahlgren and a chinese freighter. It was coming into the canal zone and I think we were coming from Columbia. It was about dawn and Salmon was tail-end charlie. We heard someone on the flagship with an open mike "Sound the collision alarm, we're gonna hit!!" If you look close at the freighter in the picture, you will see the deckline painted white. There is a huge break which is where the Dahlgren opened her up. I took this with a long lense in the early morning so the light is not very good.

While in Chile, we operated with a chilean sub which they had purchased from the US. Picture of the deck gun ( which we all wished we had) and two pictures of the sub underway. I think it was Valparaiso harbor.

Locals in a canoe in Valpariso harbor, me sitting at the sonar stack, and the last is of a tanker we moored with while at sea. If you remember, the stills on Salmon broke down and we ran short of potable water. We were allowed to take a much needed shower for which we were truely grateful.