USS Salmon Gallery 3 - Patches

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Bill Dougherty sent the patch images.
Mike Egloff writes The "Don't piss me off" patch and the "Good Liberty" patch were designed by ETN2/SS Charlie Brown during the 1968 WestPac cruise. The reason that the Greek writing was used was because Cdr. Tony Hastagolis was the CO and we had just completed a rather interesting SpecOp near the port of Shainghi, China.

Mike Egloff
ex FTG1/SS
USS Salmon 1968-1969
Diesel Power.
Good Liberty
Reads "Don't Piss Me Off" in Greek
Official Salmon SS-573 Patch.
SubGroup 5
Official Salmon SSR-573 Patch from Jerry Grange.
WestPac 1965-66 Patch. From Jim Harney.
Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club. From Jim Harney, WestPac 1965-66.