USS Salmon Gallery 2

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Florian Sullivan sent the following pictures.
Florian Sullivan & Gay Mary Paulith at Sidney Harbor.
Ed Condor In the Engine Room
View of Sidney Harbor
Paul Smith sent these photos.
Lt. Gary Reed and Ed Trzynka.jpg.
"Big Jim" Banek. Cook extrodinare
Walking on cases of canned goods in the passage way outside radio.
Group Photo
Back Row: Larry Holcombe, Mark Joiner, Fred Jones, Don Tibbits, Mike Schwartz, Daryl Wolford, Walter King
Front Row: Andy Bunch, CO. (Bunch was a good CO), Jim Buettelie, Dave Colutta, Steve Burkness, Bob Rose Lt.JG

Photo courtesy of Daryl Wolford.
Looking aft from the galley.
Mike Spittell in SONAR 1965-66. From Jim Harney.
Movie time in the After Battery. From Jim Harney.
Sullivan on the aft deck. From Jim Harney.
This picture was taken during a day trip to Corregidor Island 1965-66. Seated L-R Capt. H. O. Burton & Exec. J. C. Kaltenborn. From Jim Harney.
Jim Harney (ETN3 SS) in front of the Dolphin Club, Yokosuka, Japan. 1965-66. From Jim Harney.
Jim Murdock
Dan (Wheels) Wheeler
Fred Jones
Rick Greenwalt
Steve (Gator) Lawson
After returning from Mazatlan. Photo from Brian Sauncy.
BBQ underway. Photo from Brian Sauncy
Taking a little bridge liberty in the South Pacific.
The bow of the Salmon from the bridge. With any luck we might get to take a shower in the rain coming up off the starboard bow. The bow of the Salmon as it goes beneth a wave.