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Here are a number of photos of the USS Salmon and the men who served on her. I will be adding more photos as I get them scanned. All images are clickable. If you have photos you would like to share, please contact me at the link on the home page.

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Jim Harney from Merrillville, IN sent this photo of the presentation of Salmon's seventh consecutive "E". This gave us the Gold "E" with two Gold Hash Marks, August 8, 1964. Left to right, Chief Walsh COB, Fleet Admiral Nimitz, LCDR Malloy Captain, USS Salmon and Admiral Fluckey. Jerry Grange took this picture of the Salmon and Catfish in Sasebo, Japan in 1959. Crew Picture of the crew in 1972 Prior to departure for WestPac
Birthday Party for Mark Rasmussen in the sonar shack(1972).
Larry Holcombe, Marty Gutkin, Mark Rasmussen
Marty Gutkin, Bill Halsne, Eric Henrion
Marty Again, Mark, and Bill
Gary Winkleman on Below Decks Watch:
Bridge Liberty somewhere in the pacific. Gary Streets and John Angel.
Liberty in Nagasaki, Japan. Ed Zolner, Patrick Hoppe, Harry Metcalf
More in Nagasaki, Japan Shook & Benevedes
Patrick "da hopp" Hoppe
Docked in Sidney, Austrailia
Detail of banner.
Bill Carmack making a mail run